In this space I share my journey to living a healthier life, as I am a firm believer in a balance between body, mind and soul to live a full life.

Balancing our roles as woman, mother and wife… among many others, it is not easy neither impossible. Here I give you simple ideas for you to focus in your wellness and that of your family.

Balancing our roles as woman, mother and wife… among many others, it is not easy neither impossible. Here I give you simple ideas for you to focus in your wellness and that of your family.

Therefore, in Moon Love Mama you will find content about…

  • Nutrition
  • Active Life
  • Self-care
  • Mindfulness
  • Natural or organic Life
  • Minimalism
  • Empowered Motherhood

I’ll support you in your journey to live a healthier and balanced life. That life that we all deserve. A full life where we can focus on what is really important and significant to us.

My Story…

I started my process around 2006. At the time I was studying my master’s degree at the University at Buffalo, which allowed me to travel to different parts of the Caribbean and the opportunity to live in Cuba and Mexico for long periods of time. Those trips taught me to see the world with more compassionate and accepting eyes, they showed me another reality and to live life simply but full of beautiful experiences.

Once I finished my degree, I started working as a lecturer at some of the best colleges and universities in Western New York. With time I became the Director of The Modern Languages Technology Center at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and then I felt satisfy with my career and my professional achievements. Some people would have said that I had everything… a successful career, a wonderful husband and a beautiful home… but the truth is that mentally I was not in a good place. During this period, I had started eating healthier and exercising regularly but when I looked in the mirror I did not like my reflection. I focused too much on my physique and I auto-bullied myself, hence hurting my self-esteem and fueling my insecurities. I did not love myself enough to look beyond.

Years later, when I became a mother of three beautiful princesses, anxiety and postpartum depression took over me. It was a very dark time in my journey. I had lost myself in my motherhood and did not realize I had abandoned myself. Constantly I was tire and moody, I was overweight and with health problems, I cried daily, I felt lonely and with an immense sadness. I would hide behind a smile and blamed it on exhaustion, but deep inside I did not understand why I was having all of these feelings if I had everything to be happy.

Fatigued with all of the discomforts of depression, it came a moment in which my soul could not take it anymore and it desperately needed a change. With the love and support of my husband, one day I said no more. In that moment, when I decided to transform myself from the inside out my world turned 180 degrees. In these last few years, aside from continuing with healthy eating and an active lifestyle, I have focused on healing the deepest wounds of my soul… Those wounds that for a long time did not allow me to be happy… I started gifting myself time for me, to calm my anxiety by simplifying my life and concentrating in what was really significant for me. Thanks to all of these changes, I found myself again and I am now happy. Today I look beyond what the mirror shows me and I see the beauty in my soul. Today I applaud the warrior inside of me!

I invite you to join me in this adventure and together, hand to hand, we learn from each other. Tell me, where are you in your journey? How can I help you?

2 thoughts on “Hi! I am Moon Love Mama!”

  1. It’s amazing to see someone bare their soul like this! I think many of us mothers and women experience what you’ve been through, but we hold it in because we’re supposed to be strong; which we are. But it takes even more strength to open up, to yourself and others and take up this path that you have, by creating this blog. Love you lots!!

    1. Thank you so much amigas! I really appreciate every single one of your words and hope that with my story I can help other mamas live their best life. Love you!!

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