Preadolescence (9-12 years) it’s a special time that brings lots of changes to a little girl. It’s also a time to reinforce their self-confidence and empower them. Here I am sharing a list of book that can help your little ladies in this beautiful stage.

The Care & Keeping of You 1 & 2

These two books are from the American Girl series and talk about the physical changes they will experience during this stage. Moreover it talks about how they can take care of themselves through their nutrition and physical activity. It explains that it is a period of lots of changes, both physically and emotionally, and it is completely normal to feel different and have lots of questions. It is a book that helps girls prepare for what will come during the teen years explaining it according to their age.

The Feelings Book

This book focuses in the different emotions a preteen could be experimenting and validates those feelings. Through different examples it gives girls a series of tools for them to deal with their feelings.

A Smart Girl’s Guide: Worry

This guide talks about stress and how our girls can learn to manage it. Many times we do not think about how they might feel pressure from their friends, school, activities or family… and they might want to please everyone and be perfectionists. This book helps them see beyond these thoughts and how they can take control. It also helps them confront their fears and gives them tips on how to deal with all of these emotions.

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids

Gratitude practice has many benefits for everyone and it’s something we can start teaching our kids from early on. This journal will help them start with this beautiful practice and see how fortunate they are from the simple things in their daily lifes.

The Girls’ Guide to Growth Mindset

This book teaches our preteens about how powerful their minds and thoughts are. Through different mindful activities they learn about self-confidence, courage, self-esteem and many other topics.

NIV, Ultimate Bible for Girls

This bible for girls not only teaches them how to read one, but relates many passages with their daily lives. It highlights different verses to empower them by letting them know to trust themselves and God. It is a nice way to grow and reinforce their faith.

A Little God Time for Girls

This little book of daily prayer, through different verses of the bible teaches our little ladies to strengthen their soul and believe in God. It gives them examples from daily life to explain how they can trust themselves and the love of God.

Hope you have like these suggestions since they are some of our favorites at home. What I love most about these books is that I can read them with my girls and do the activities with them. Hence it is an excellent way to connect with our little ladies, strengthen our bond and keep the lines of communication open.

On the other hand, before I introduce a book to my girls I read it first and make sure the information they will consume it’s adequate and go along with our values and believes. Therefore I suggest you do the same. Also be prepare for lots of questions and if you don’t know how or what to answer you can say as I do “at the moment I do not have the exact answer, but let me investigate a little bit more to give you the right one.”

And remember to enjoy this stage with your little one (who’s no longer that little)!

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